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Call Me... Velvette: E-Book Now Available at SMASHWORDS, B&N nook, AMAZON Kindle

Call Me Velvette
The Storyteller Memoirs: Hook, Line & Ringer.

Copyright 2014 Analisa March

An excruciating headache is the catalyst for pandemonium in an ICU unit, as The Storyteller Memoirs makes its debut with Call Me… Velvette.

Lovey Campbell is the narrator, confused about her surroundings. She has no recollection of what happened, and no one will divulge how she suffered such traumatic injury. The mystery is enmeshed in her past, present and future. Will she ever know the truth?

She is awakened by an incessant ringer of the classic old telephone. She craves caffeine – fresh brewed coffee made from just-ground whole beans. Fantasy and reality are imperceptible in her cluttered mind.

Velvette portrays the seductive writer, who reads tales to select client callers. The stories and their teller are exclusive, adults required, and men preferred.

What transpires is an engaging twist and turn.

 The reader is drawn into details, because clues are hidden everywhere...

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